Workaby pricing

Workpods are free to use for as long as you want. That's your leave management, onboarding, HRIS, compliance and more sorted. There's no catch, it really is free.

A Workpod includes:

  • A fully self-contained HR environment
    Scale up your HR by simply spinning up a fully self-contained Hr environment for a new company, department, or team in minutes with zero configuration required.
  • 24/7 online HRIS
    An online HR system that works on your desktop or mobile, anytime, anywhere.
  • Unlimited free use
    Free for as long as you want for as many people as you want across unlimited locations, departments, and teams.
  • Boost your productivity with paid add-ons
    Craft the perfect HR environment for your team with our full suite of paid add ons. Pay only for what you use.
  • Security and compliance
    Your data is protected from end to end with the highest encryption standard available, state-of-the-art data storage and multiple backups to ensure that you will never lose control of your data.
  • Fast onboarding and offboarding.
    Customize your onboarding with a welcome email, employee handbook, and more.
  • Employee self-onboarding and updates
    Your employees can login, onboard themselves, and update their own HR and payroll info.
  • Manage employment lifecycles with a click of button
    From onboarding to retirement, manage your employee lifecycles in one place.
  • Easily import/export employee data with our handy spreadsheets
  • Spread the work with admins
    Easily assign admins to help with your HR.
  • Leave management New!
    Zen-like leave management. Easily apply, approve, and manage vacation and other time-off with a few clicks. Automatically syncs with Workaby payroll.
  • Employee benefits 2017
    Craft the best employee benefits packages for your team and attract good people. Automatically onboard and offboard employees from your benefits packages. Automatically syncs with Workaby Payroll.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Workaby really free?

Yes. To be more precise, it's free for as long as you want, for as many people as you want.

How do you keep the lights on?

Workaby provides a complementary suite of paid add-ons. From Malaysia's smoothest automated payroll system to employee benefits packages, analytics upgrades, one-click cross-border HR syncs, and more, you'll be able to tailor a solution that suits your HR needs as you grow.

If we don't use Workaby's paid add-ons, can we continue using Workaby for free?

Absolutely. Naturally, we'd love you even more if you would support our work by subscribing to our paid add-ons, but even if you don't you can still use your workpod's HRIS, leave management, and all the other goodies for free.

What's Workaby's pricing philosophy?

You will only pay for what you use. We want to keep investing in building a dependable, solid, and secure people tool that just works, so we've priced our products fairly and at a level that will enable Workaby to keep supporting your business as you grow.

Workaby's paid add-ons

  • Payro
  • MYR 99
  • + MYR9 / active employee per month charged monthly
  • Get started
  • Payroll includes
  • Automatically syncs with Workaby's leave management
  • Automatically syncs with employee onboarding and offboarding
  • Instant PCB, SOCSO, and EPF calculations and reports
  • Automatically send reports to your accountant, or plug in to our network of Workaby-certified payroll specialists.
  • Employee lifetime access to payslips and personal payroll reports

  • Coming soon
  • Effortlessly run payroll through your favourite online bank
  • SuperPod
  • MYR 199
  • + MYR5 per active employee per month charged monthly
  • Coming soon
  • SuperPod includes
  • Dashboard with advanced reporting
  • Real time HR analytics
  • Priority support

  • Coming soon
  • Two factor authentication for enhanced security
  • REST API access
  • Unlimited access to audit logs
  • Unity
  • MYR 199
  • per workpod per month charged monthly
  • Coming soon
  • Unity includes
  • Consolidated billing
  • Manage multiple workpods from one account

  • Coming soon
  • Enhanced cross-workpod dashboard for your account
  • Cross workpod reporting, metrics and analytics
  • Cross border multi-currency payroll and HR reports
  • Unified HR policies across workpods
  • Enterprise
  • Call for a quote
  • Ideal for large enterprises with >500 employees
  • Get started
  • Enterprise includes
  • Payroll, SuperPod, and Unity features throughout your entire organization
  • Unlimited use for one simple, fixed price billed annually
  • A dedicated account manager.
  • Free demo and training for your team
  • Setup and consulting work for your organization

The prices above are applicable for workpods based in Malaysia. Pricing may differ for other regions.

Our mission is to make your working life easier and more productive, so you can focus on building your life's work.

Workaby is free to use for an unlimited number of people.