Your team organized online, just the way you like it.

This is your Workpod. It has everything you need to manage your people, and each dyno is uniquely customized for the HR environment your team works in.

It's a simple, secure tool that can be spun up in seconds, yet powerful and flexible enough to accomodate the unique needs of your team. Create departments, teams, locations, or expand into new markets in just minutes by spinning up a new pod. You can search across different teams, hire, manage statuses and handle reassignments all in one place.

Powerful automation for onboarding your people.

Workaby onboarding

Just fill in the blanks, and we'll create and send an offer letter via email, collect your new hire's information, get the paperwork signed electronically, and notify you when everything's done. Onboarding doesn't get any easier.

Connect your people to Workaby, save more time.

Workaby connects your people together

When you add your people into Workaby, they can login, update their personal and payroll info, download their payroll reports and payslips, and even manage their leave. Designed for speed, simplicity, and efficiency, so your people can focus on the mission instead of paperwork.

Leave management made easy.

Leave management automation

Workaby makes leave management a breeze. Apply, calculate, keep track of, approve, notify and sync with payroll in 30 seconds flat.

Payroll, simplified.

Speed up your payroll

Put your payroll on autopilot. Simply adjust and review with Workaby's powerful yet easy to use Payro platform. Workaby will do the calculations, prepare payroll and tax reports, send out the payslips, and more. Connect your accountant to our payroll system for a truly hands free experience.

Workaby payro automatically syncs payroll with onboarding, leave, and benefits; leaving you more time to focus on the things that matter.

Our mission is to make your working life easier and more productive, so you can focus on building your life's work.

Workaby is free to use for an unlimited number of people.