About Workaby

Our story began with, of all things, music. Back in 2009, my wife and I started a small little performing arts school in sunny Kuala Lumpur. Our dream was to build a place where children aged 5 to 80 can find themselves, create beautiful art, and hopefully learn a little piano along the way.

Enrolment was booming, and we found ourselves having to bring on more people just to keep up. Keeping track of everything soon became very hard. A missed phone call here, a missing piece of paper there, and we found ourselves drowning in paperwork. Managing a fast-growing organization is hard work.

We knew we needed to simplify our business. We needed a tool that was powerful and flexible so our small but growing team can respond to changes quickly, yet easy-to-use so we can get the paperwork out of the way quickly and get back to making our customers happy. We shopped around for a better way, but nothing seemed to fit our needs.

So we built our own. We shared our creation with our neighbours. Then they shared it with their neighbors. Within a couple of months we had hundreds of small businesses using our software. We knew we were on to something special. We called it Workaby because our school mascot back then, Matty the Dancing Wallaby, introduced us to his cousin, Joey the Working Wallaby.

Our mission is to help businesses manage their growing teams so they can focus on making their customers happy. We take pride that Workaby is helping entrepreneurs build their businesses one brick at a time, and we work hard to improve Workaby every single day. We know that you'll enjoy using Workaby as much as we do.

Ryan Chew